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SLATER's Directory - Tanderagee (1846)

Extracted from: SLATER'S Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland.

TANDERAGEE, anciently Tawnatclee or Tawnatelee, is a market town, in the parish of BALLYMORE, barony of Lower Orior, County of Armagh, 80 miles N. from Dublin, 33 S.W. from Belfast, 14 N. by W. from Newry, 11 W. by N. from Armagh, 9 S. by W. from Lurgan, 6½ W. by N. from Banbridge, 5½ N. by W. from Loughbrickland, and the same distance E.S.E. from Richhill, and 5 S. by E. from Portadown ; seated on the river Cusher, and at the intersection of the road from Portadown to Newry with that from Richhill to Banbridge. The Newry canal, which comes within a mile and a half of the town, offers all its important facilities of communication for trading with the large towns of Belfast and Newry, besides bringing an abundant supply of coal, and also of lime for the purposes of agriculture, to the surrounding district.

The town, which consists of two principal and three smaller streets, is prepossessing in its general appearance, and, as seen from a distance, rising from a beautiful vale, through which the river winds between its lofty and richly-wooded banks at one extremity, the demesne of Tanderagee crowning the hill on the other, forms a strikingly picturesque feature in the landscape. The town stands on the estate of the Duke of Manchester, whose is continually improving his demesne, and which is a great ornament to the town's vicinage. The mansion or castle of Tanderagee is a large and modern baronial pile, erected by the Duke when Viscount Mandeville, and occupying the site of an ancient castellated and fortified residence. Adjoining the castle is a beautiful chapel, and the entire pile, with its adjunctive beauties, are well deserving the visit of the tourist.

The country round has been long celebrated for the manufacture and yard-wide linens, and large quantities at one time were brought to the market here. This trade is not so extensive at present, but its flax market is large, and some of the finest of this article in the kingdom is produced in this district. A spinning mill for the manufacture of linen yarn, belonging to Mr. Thomas Sinton, is situated here. A branch of the Belfast Banking Company is established here.

Petty sessions for the division are held once a fortnight; courts leet are held twice a year, and courts baron at which debts under 40s. are recoverable, every third Thursday.

The church, originally built by Oliver St. John, and which was nearly demolished during the wars of 1641, was re-built in 1812, on the site of the old church, and is a very handsome Gothic structure. The other places of worship are for Baptists, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, and Methodists. The Catholic chapel, a neat edifice, is about a mile from the town.

There are two schools supported liberally by the Dutchess of Manchester, in which a great number of children are sedulously instructed; there is also a clothing fund supported, and a loan fund patronized by her Grace; and there are dispensaries, of which the same benevolent Lady is the main support.

The market, which is one of the most extensive in Ireland, for the sale of flax, is held on Wednesday. The annual fairs are July 5th and November 5th; and there are fairs on the first Wednesday in the other months of the year.

The town contained in 1841, 1,562 inhabitants.

Market Street, Richard Trotter, Post Master.

Letters arrive from Dublin, Belfast and various parts of the South and North of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, arrive every morning at six, and are despatched every evening at seven

Letters from Portadown arrive every evening at half-past seven, and are despatched every morning at six.

Adair Rev. Henry, Market st
Bell Rev. James, Market st
Bell Rev. John, Clare
Burdett Rev. Henry, Church st
Campbell Rev. Rdward, Tanderagee
Carter Rev./ Thomas, Glebe House
Chichester Rev. William, Mullavilly Glese House
Daly Rev. Peter, Tanderagee
Hawthorn Rev. Robert, Market st
Hutcheson Mr. Andrew, Market st
Manchester his Grace the Duke of, Tanderagee Castle

DUTCHESS OF MANCHESTER'S FREE SCHOOL, Market st - Elizth. Walker, Ellen M'Clelland and Harriet Welsh, mistresses
Wilson Margaret & Fanny, Market st

See Surgeons and Apothecaries.

Atkinson Edwd. Dawson, Church st
M'Connell Patrick, Market st

Cullins Thomas, Market Street
Whitten William, Market Street

BELFAST BANKING COMPANY. Market st - (draw on Denison, Heywood & Co. London - Mr. Chas. Albert Creeney, manager
SAVINGS' BANK, Market street, Mt. James Hamilton, master

Hagan Patrick, Church st
M'Giveran James, Market st

Baxter Robert, Market st
Flavell George, Market st
Kinkead James, Market st

Sandford James (dealer), Mill st
Trotter & Acheson, Market st

Acheson James, Market st
Divine Peter, Market st
Fegan William Henry, Mill st
Hardy Rose, Market st
Kinkead James, Market st
M'Catlen Samuel, Market st
M'Dermott Charles, Market st
M'Donnell Rachael, Market st
Magennis John, Church st
Pepper Samuel, Church st
Rowley James, Market st
Sandford James, Market st
Sheppard William (and corn factor), Market st
Taylor Moses, Mill st

(See also Spirit and Porter Dealers.)
Manchester Arms, Eliza Sheppard, Market street
Victoria, Dinah Gillis, Market st

Mathers Thomas, Market st

Hardy Rose, Market st
Magennis John, Church st
Rowley James, Market st

Flavell George, Market st
Sifton John, Market st

Bell Sarah, Market st
Grant Anne, Market st
Hutcheson David, Market st
Kinkead James, Market st
M'Callan Samuel, Market st
Magill James, Market st
Montgomery James, Market st
Rice Anne, Market st
Trotter Richard (and rectifying distiller), Market st

Flavell George, Market st
Sifton John, Market st

Bell Sarah, Market st
Grant Anne, Market st
Hutcheson David, Market st
Kinkead James, Market st
M'Callan Samuel, Market st
Magill James, Market st
Montgomery James, Market st
Rice Anne, Market st
Trotter Richard (and rectifying distiller), Market st

Acheson James & Co. (and yarn), Market st
Davis James Market st

Tonar John & Davis, Mill st
Tonar Patrick, Market st

M'Callough Joseph, Market st
Matthews Robert, Market st
Overend James, Church st

Dollaghan Ellen, Market Street
Gamble Mary (straw bonnet), Market Street
Gillis Elizabeth, Market Street
Harvey Bella, Market Street
Henderson Richard, Market Street
McHenry Margaret, Market Street
McKelvy Mary, Market Street
McWhinney Dinah, Market Street
Qua Agnes, Market Street
Taylor James, Market Street

McGinness Peter, Market Street

McCullough Joseph, Market Street
Matthews John, Market Street
Mayes John Johnston, Mill Street

Adamson Jane, Market st
Bowers William, Mill st
Burns James, Market st
Dimm John, Market st
Divine Richard, Market st
Ferris William, Market st
Francis William, Church st
Grant William, Mill st
Grogan John, Mill st
Hall Stewart, Market st
Holmes John, Market st
M'Allinden Hugn, Church st
M'Connell Edward, Market st
M'Keown Hugh, Market st
M'Laughlin Michael, Market st
Mather Thomas, Market st
Quin William, Market st
Rice Mary, Mill st
Sifton John, Market st
Stewart Robert, Church st
Whitten George, Market st
Wilson Margaret, Market st

Grant Anne, Market st
Skiflington Theodosia, Market st


Burn John, Market st
Gordon Hans, Market st
Patton Alexander, M.D. Market st
Saunderson William, Market st

Magill James, Market st
Trotter Robert, Market st

See Linen and Woollen Drapers.

Allen William, iron founder, Mullintor
Aston Robert, saddler, Market st
Flanagan James, whitesmith, Mill st
Greenway William, buttermerchant etc, Matket st
Grocey George, watch and clock maker, Market st
Hardy Rose, tallow chandler, Market st
Minis James, weaving utensil maker, Market st
Overend James, builder, Montague st
Purdy Thomas, tailor, Market st
Reitly William, auctioneer, bookseller, printer and stationer, Market st
Shields Mary Ann, milliner, Market st
Tinn John, blacksmith, Mill st
Trotter Robert, commissioner for taking affidavits, Market st
Walker Samuel, land surveyor, Montague street
Watt Joseph, provision merchant, Church street
White - , miller, Mill st

PLACES OF WORSHIP, And Their Ministers.
ESTABLISHED CHURCH, Church street - Rev. Thomas Carter, dean; Rev. Henry Burdett and Rev. Henry Adair, curates.
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL - Rev. Edward Campbell, parish priest; Rev. Peter Daly, curate.
PRESBYTERIAN MEETING HOUSE, Market street - ministers various.
WESLEYAN METHODIST CHAPEL, Market street - ministers various.

DISPENSARY - Alexander Patton, resident physician, surgeon and apothecary.
LOAN FUND - Mr. Jas. Hamilton, manager
POLICE STATION - Brudnell Plummer, sub-inspect r, Banbridge.
READING ROOM - Samuel M'Cane, librarian.
STAMP OFFICE, Market street - Robert Trotter, distribiter.

To NEWRY, the Fair Trader, every morning at half-past ten - an Omnibus, from the Manchester Arms, every day at a quarter past twelve - and a Car every evening at seven.

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